365 project, Personal, Photography

Day 172/365

“A day without laughter is a day wasted.”


What a day! Looks like i’m off to France on Sunday with work, the confusion about the return date and the impact it had on our antenatal classes has been cleared up now we have managed to swap the classes! A big relief now we can both go to all the classes. Managed to sort the skirting boards with the brother in law and the help of his big car, we’ll have carpet down upstairs in no time! This evening I was honoured to have been asked to photograph a family where the father only had a short time left to live, I was prepared to do this just for the petrol money, but the daughter thrust some cash into my hand as I was leaving. I just hope I have got some pictures that are good enough for them, the significance of the memories I am capturing for them has really hit me, they looked like a happy, close family and I have taken what will be the last ever photo of them together. I just hope my work is good enough. The pressure is enough doing it for free, and knowing the importance of this, but the cash has made it even harder!


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