365 project, Personal, Photography

Day 163/365

“You have to accept the fact that sometimes you are the pigeon, and sometimes you are the statue.”


I like this quote, it certainly rings true on some days. Sadly the picture for today didn’t make me smile as much, whilst at the house I spotted this poor pigeon flapping its wings for the last time as a smug looking cat sat just feet away, watching the life ebb out of the bird, and instead of eating it, and making use of it, just walked away. Why would you want a pet like that? I don’t understand cat owners! Cats are selfish, demanding, destructive pets that show no loyalty, or respect. I’d sooner have a dog any day!

Feeling a bit better about things today, had a decent nights sleep and need to be getting off to bed again soon to try and get another one! Busy weekend ahead, certainly no rest for me, although I will get a bit of a lie in on Sunday!

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