Day 154/365

“Love is what we were born with. Fear is what we learned here.”


The fear of spiders, its such an odd concept really. Some people are terrified, but no-one knows why, I personally believe we learn this fear from the reactions of those around us when we were young!

Two weeks ago I got to hold a tarantula, which was strange, and I already had half a dozen excuses in my head for not holding it, emotionally I wanted to run away, but logically I realised there was no reason to not hold it. I held it, nothing happened! I’m still here!

I guess my main fear now is to not run out of photo ideas before this 365 is over! Each day is seeming harder than the last!


About andrewvokes

Husband to my beautiful wife Clare, and father to two gorgeous girls. Cyclist, runner and photographer, living in Birmingham, UK.

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