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Day 152/365

“I’m not being like, ‘Hey, everybody, I’m pregnant!’ I’m not that girl.”


We had paint finally going onto the walls of the new house today, great to know people with a trade who just want to help and don’t want money! A big relief as the end of our budget charges towards us like a train with no brakes!

This afternoon was spent at the hospital for a routine visit with the midwife that ended up taking longer as we had to monitor the babies heartbeat for a while once the wife told the midwife that she hadn’t felt many kicks yesterday. Turns out everything was just fine. Now less than 12 weeks to go, and the race to get the house ready is well and truly on.


3 thoughts on “Day 152/365”

      1. Andrew,

        Thanks. It’s my second, but the first will be sixteen this month so it was a bit of surprise! Thought I’d left the baby years behind me.

        First for you?

        The last six months? The short answer is great. I think I might start posting a bit more about that renewed experience actually.



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