365 project, Personal, Photography

Day 126/365

“Keep your face always toward the sunshine – and shadows will fall behind you.”


The traditional British bank holiday, queues on the motorway, chaos in Ikea, and rain… lots of rain!

Except, it would appear, for today. Sunshine, virtually clear skies and temperatures in the 20s. We couldn’t go far as we had stuff to do at the new house and needed to take a trip to B&Q. As it happens, we spoke to the right person, got a good discount on our kitchen and paid for it while we were there. After all was done, we had time to get some sandwiches ready and grab an ice cream for a picnic and head over to Warley Woods for an hour or so in the sun. There was an assortment of things going on in Lightwoods Park around the corner, but to be honest, it looked like chaos and the parking was a nightmare. So we sat down and looked out over this view instead!

As the afternoon turned to evening, we headed over to see our good friends for dinner, dessert and some lovely conversation on their patio.

Eating outdoors? We only finished sweeping up the last of the snow about 5 weeks ago! Who’d have thought!


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