365 project, Personal, Photography, Travel

Day 92/365

“The French cook; we open tins.”


Today was our first full day in Paris. We had a good sleep and woke up late, and didn’t really feel like breakfast so headed straight out to the Louvre, which was frustratingly closed, but it had been a pleasant walk there, so we simply moved on to Notre Dame Cathedral, which, although I have now been there three times, never fails to impress. The photo from today is taken inside Notre Dame of the main ceiling. After that we grabbed some lunch and headed to Notre Dame Crypt, which was not quite as interesting as we’d hoped. Our next destination was a cruise down the river Seine, which included a drink and a crêpe, and meant an hour of sitting down, relaxing and taking in the sights. After the cruise we checked out the queue for the Eiffel Tower, but they were huge so we left it and headed to the less popular, but equally impressive Montparnasse tower for some magnificent views over the city, and also of the Eiffel Tower itself! We finished our day off with a lovely meal in a nice little restaurant, sat by the window, over looking Gare Montparnasse and all the people walking by!


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