13 for 2013 Happy new year!

So the build up to Christmas was fun, and before we know it, the day is gone, and the new year around the corner. Well now it is new years day and the whole festive period has come to an end, the time for reflection on what was and looking forward to what will be!

Something I wanted to attempt last year was a 12 for 12, quite simply 12 goals for 2012, but sadly never got around to it. This year, how ever, I am grabbing this and running with it, 13 goals for 2013 making sure they are all achievable and realistic.

And here they are…

1. Get my weight down to 12 stone and keep it there. I have done really well in the last few months and managed to drop a full stone and a half and fit into a smaller size of jeans! I’ve let go over the Christmas period and put some weight back on, but thats only temporary. My goal is 12 stone, where I used to be about 10 years ago, the weight has crept up slowly, but it can crawl right back now!

2. Make time for at least one day out a month with the wife. 2012 was all about the wedding and the honeymoon, planning, saving, organising and we didn’t find time for simple days out together. I want to put at least one day out somewhere on the calendar each month, maybe a picnic or trip to the beach on sunny days.

3. Start a personal blog. A lot is going on ahead of us this year and I want to keep track of it, but keep it all separate from the photography.

4. Start a new personal photography project and make sure I see it through to the end. I am very tempted to start a 365 photo-a-day project, although I know how difficult it can be to keep it up every day, and i’d hate to think I couldn’t do it properly, I’d rather not start it at all. There are other photography things I want to be focussing on as well, but those can wait a while.

5. Learn to cook a new dish each month. Always cooking the same things each week can get a little dull, there is so much food out there and I love cooking, so lets do something about it!

6. Get more sleep. I can’t even think how many years i’ve been telling myself on a daily basis that I need to get to bed earlier, it seems like such a simple concept, yet even at my age I still don’t seem to have mastered it!

7. Master my finances. Well the big one here is working on paying off the credit cards, and making sure I cut out the impulse purchases on amazon and ebay all the time. I’ve managed without a car for a year now, by cycling to work every day and this has helped massively! Next up is the saving!

8.Plan a cycling adventure. I did want to complete something like the Lands End to John O’Groats journey, but i’m not sure thats going to be practical for various reasons, but I still want to plan something big!

9. Read more. I have a stack of books and photography magazines that I still havent read, in fact most of the magazines that have been delivered in the last year are still in their plastic wrapping. I need to find time to relax and actually start making the most of the stuff I enjoy reading!

10. Move house. Okay, so this is more of a plan than a goal, but 2013 was always going to be the year that we started house hunting, this flat just isn’t big enough for the two of us any more! I’m quite looking forward to finding somewhere and moving!

11. Declutter and tidy. I’ll admit, i’m a hoarder, and if something was purchased in a box, there’s a chance that I still have the box. In a flat this is a particular problem, it won’t be so bad in a house, but I still need to have a clear out!

12. Start saving for Vegas. Okay so my 40th birthday is a few years off yet, but it is creeping ever closer and to take my mind off the depressing reality, I want to at least have something to look forward to, and so the plan is to celebrate in Las Vegas. Its on our list of places to visit, and there won’t be many more opportunities to do something like this!

13. Use the camcorder more and make more videos. I bought a pretty nice camcorder for our honeymoon and still didn’t use it enough while we were in California! I love looking back on old home movies, theres something about them that a photo just can’t capture! I want to start creating more memories!

So there we are, all of these are realistic and achievable! Lets make 2013 count!


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