Unless you are ambitious, you do not make progress

Never discourage anyone… who continually makes progress, no matter how slow. -Plato

So Sunday was, as most of Birmingham may have noticed, the Bupa Great Birmingham Run 2012 and for the second year running I had signed up, in fact I had signed up in less than a week after finishing last years run! The big difference this year being that I had signed up a new recruit, none other than my good friend, fellow work colleague, and photographer buddy Alan Carter. Over a few beers at the local pub, Alan had agreed to run the half marathon with me in aid of Alzheimers Society in memory of my wife’s Nan who had passed away earlier this year.

The weather all year has been hit and miss at best and we have seen more rain in one year than I have ever seen before. I thought I was lucky enough to have sunshine on my own wedding day, and doubly lucky to have sunshine on my last wedding of the year the day before the run, but to have a dry morning for the half marathon as well, I just couldn’t have asked for any more! The morning was foggy and a bit cold, but the fog soon lifted and the sun even came out and soon we were running and forgetting about the cold. The roads seemed cramped and it felt like more people were running than last year, and so passing was not easy, but I started off on a good pace, and made my way slowly, but consistently, through the crowds. I had opted to bring headphones this year and found some inspiring music to run to, and got into a steady pace. Id done plenty of training and knew what I was capable of, I was aiming for less than 2 hours and 5 minutes after last years time of 2:20:07. On the final mile I was starting to run out of steam having gone so fast in the first couple of miles, but new this was not the time to give up, after all, this was not just a run, it was a race! I gave the last mile everything I had and crossed the finish line to the sight of my smiling wife in just 2:00:48 which I was over the moon about. Alan was not quite able to keep up, but had a storming first half marathon, coming in just a few minutes behind me!

We were both very proud to have finished the race in the times we got, and would like to thank everyone who sponsored us and encouraged us. My JustGiving page is still open for all those who haven’t yet sponsored me and still want to do so, this years charity is Macmillan Cancer Support who have helped our family previously and continue to do great work, but not without all the help they receive, so please dig deep and give anything you can!

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