A little goes a long way!

Well, that time of year has rolled around yet again! The time of year that last year had me a little bit anxious as I’d signed up for my first half marathon. I trained hard and managed to raise £500 for Cancer Research UK which is a charity I am very fond of helping. I managed a decent time for my first half marathon and enjoyed it so much that I signed straight back up for this years! Well, its almost here, and training has begun once more. This year I have set my target at £500 for Macmillan Cancer Support, but i’m hoping that some of you can help me smash that target as these people do a lot of good work, and cancer sufferers in their last few days, and also their families, would not get as much support, care and information without them. Having lost a family member to cancer and seeing first hand how much they can help, i’m only too glad to put my body through its paces and let my feet pound 13.1 miles of Birminghams streets to help raise some vital funds for them!

Now I’m not asking people to donate a months wages, or re-mortgage their house, or sell their Granny’s necklace, all I’m after is a few pounds here and a few pounds there. Every single donation, not matter how small will make a difference and help, and if you want to show me that you’re one of those people who actually care enough to take a moment to donate, then you will forever grateful to you! If you do it online, the money goes straight to the charity, and if you’re a UK taxpayer, add gift aid… they get even more than you’ve actually donated! Genius!

All you have to do is head over to and whip out your debit card! Anything over £10 gets free hugs from me!!

Come on, I’ve got 13 miles to run, help me find the will to get across that finish line… even if I have to crawl!

Love you all!


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The hunter becomes the hunted

So its finally happened, after all those months, weeks, days and hours of counting down, the wedding photographer finally got married! That’s me in case you hadn’t worked it out! Yes, finally I am a husband to the beautiful and loving Clare, who has been a constant ray of sunshine in my life and I am very grateful to call my wife!

So who photographs the wedding photographer? I’ve been asked more times than I care to remember if I was going to photograph my own wedding, would I put it on self timer and run etc. I almost lost the ability to fake laugh at it and pretend i’d never heard that one before! Thankfully I already had a plan, someone who encouraged me several years ago that I had the ability to do it myself, my good friend Phil Groves and the lovely and very talented Jennifer Peel was also on board to assist and add her touch of magic to the day. I’ll be sharing some of their photos in the near future! Yes I know it’s not my photography, but it is MY wedding and it is also MY blog, so there!

The day went without a hitch, it quite literally ran like clockwork and was testament to all the planning and hard work we had put in. The planning had started 22 months earlier and saving started around the same time, one by one we selected and booked our vendors and had everything wrapped up and ready to go with weeks to spare. We were married at Our Lady & St Huberts in Oldbury and carried on our celebrations at the gorgeous Stone Manor Hotel.

After the wedding our amazing honeymoon was booked for California, and we had booked a hire car to drive down the coast from San Francisco to San Diego, stopping off at Carmel, Pismo Beach and LA along the way. I had taken my trusty Fuji X100 with me and was thrilled with the quality of photos I brought home, a fantastic reminder of a wonderful two weeks with my new wife in America!

Here’s to married life!