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The dawn of a new era

Well, I can honestly say this poor blog has been neglected properly this year, but i’ve had my reasons, and the primary one being that of my own wedding, which takes place tomorrow. On top of shooting other peoples weddings, which I will blog about another time, I’ve been shooting school proms, babies, and all sorts. Wedding planning has been a big feature though, although if I have any advice from it for couple about to get engaged, or already in the midst of planning theirs, it is to plan early. Give yourself deadlines for things to be done and stick to them! I found myself being very structured and efficient in my approach and it has totally paid off, we have come down to the last week with nothing left to do now, but drop a few bits off at the reception venue. Thankfully the weather seems to have turned in our favour as well, and I have the wonderful Phil Groves and Jennifer Peel covering the photography aspects of the day. Just glad I don’t have to smile through gritted teeth at one more joke about photographing my own wedding! I am quite sure that when we get back from our honeymoon, you will be seeing plenty of the photos on here!

For the moment, i’d like to share an image with you from a recent wedding, the pride of the bride’s mother!