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{Blog post} Kirsty & Adam – A sneak peak

Finally time to catch up on a bit of blogging and the first place for me to start would be the lovely wedding of Kirsty and Adam. Now you know its a good wedding when the speeches bring a tear to my eye, and I hardly even know these guys! Kirsty and Adam’s big day was all you could ask for form a wedding day, everyone was calm, the weather was good (especially considering the rain we’ve had recently!), and everyone looked fantastic! I met Kirsty in the morning whilst the hair and make up was still being done around the house, and this is always one of my favourite parts of the day, the energy and emotion always run high, but on a more discreet level and you can almost watch it build up until the point the cars arrive. Its a part of the day I love to document, as this can take as much planning and attention to detail as the rest of the day, and this was no exception with an army of women running around touching up each others hair and make up whilst trying to sip champagne or drink tea.

The church and wedding service were lovely although if not a little frustrating that I was confined to a balcony and told not to move. I still managed to capture plenty from up there though. After th ceremony we moved onto a local park for some photos and just managed to capture enough before a few grey clouds decided to toy with us.

After the photos we moved on to Gainsborough House Hotel for the reception, and with the meal out of the way the emotional speeches began. The speeches carried a lot more weight considering that the newly married couple were moving out to Australia permanently only a few days after the wedding, and on top of all the happy memories shared, this was also a very sad goodbye.

Kirsty and Adam are a fantastic couple, fun and relaxed and made shooting an absolute pleasure, and I wish them all the best of luck for the new life down under!


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