{Blog Post} The greener side of Birmingham

It’s fair to say that we’ve had some mixed weather of late, but we can all definitely agree on having a particularly nice and unseasonal March, I myself managed to get sun burnt on my back from spending a day on the allotment without a shirt on. It did seem a little ironic that my back was peeling as I was watching it snow outside, but that’s what we have come to expect with the British weather. During a spell of sunshine in March I went out for a walk to see a place called Moseley Bog that I had heard about but had never been to before even though it was a short walk from my mothers house. It was a peaceful Sunday afternoon with the sun bursting through the trees and I was hoping to get a few nice shots of my better half. I can’t help but feel a bit self concious armed with a big camera and lens when there are dogs running around off their leads, with families and friends following closely behind, and I’m always concious of how it must be making my model feel when walk past and see them posing, but we still managed to get some lovely shots without attracting too much attention.

It was a tough call, but the last image was probably my favourite of the day. I’d like to get out and do it all over again with my new Fuji X100 at the earliest opportunity, oh come on Mr Sunshine!


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