When we went down to the woods…

So with the weather picking up I couldn’t resist getting out with the camera at the weekend, and as it happened my sister had asked if I could shoot a few pictures of her with the boyfriend. I’d done a few indoors already with the classic high key, white background look and they came out nice, but you just can’t beat natural light for a classic touch to an image.

I decided on a nearby location, The Leasowes. A lovely wooded walk, although but time was against us as it would soon be sunset and we would lose all the daylight. I had decided that we would follow a route around the lake, which should give us enough time to do several stops along the way and get a few different shots in before the sun went down. For me, it was important to try the sun behind the subject resulting in a nice rim light along the hair, and giving almost a halo effect, without letting the sun shine straight into the lens and ruining the image.
This image demonstrates the rim light effect on the hair, a gorgeous effect when the sun is low and behind the subject.

I tried to shoot a variety of different poses whilst working against the clock and this simple one turned out to be one of my favourites.

I really can’t wait to get out and do it all again, so i’ll be hunting down a model very soon. With summer on the way, there will be many opportunities to get out in what I hope will be brilliant weather, but being British, you just never know! With my next wedding coming up soon, and their pre-wedding shoot coming up even sooner, I want to be using my camera like its a part of my own body! I have some fantastic kit in my bag now, and I have enough opportunities to use it, although arrangements for my own wedding in July still take priority, but with so little to do for that now, I can start to relax a little!


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