Ouch! Getting around just got difficult!

Well what an unusual weekend, not the post I was expecting to be writing! I was woken up at 2-50am on saturday morning by a neighbour who had just witnessed some young lads lose control of their car and launch it onto the pavement and into the side of mine! I was half asleep and trying to comprehend what i’d just been told, and after throwing on some clothes and making my way outside was greeted with this…

It was all a bit surreal, especially as the offending car was still there and the occupants had ran off! The police turned up and took a few details and uncovered a mobile phone left in the car, the fact that they hadn’t been wearing seatbelts and so were likely to have been injured, but more importantly that the car hadn’t been broken into and whoever drove it had the keys and had taken them with them when they left the car. Hopefully the police turning up on the doorstep of the owner will find someone holding the keys and with a bad head to explain!

By the light of day we could see the full damage properly and it didn’t look good. A Vauxhall Corsa had managed to rotate my 1.5 ton Peugeot 407 by over 100 degrees. Wow! That Corsa must have been moving at some speed! I’m suprised the driver lived to walk away, or run as the case may be!

Thankfully for any weddings and photography shoots I have the option of using the better half’s car which i’m insured on, but I don’t think mine will be going far any time soon!


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