They grow up so fast

I’ve known my friend Dave for over 20 years now, and I was honoured when he asked me to photograph his wedding, so when he told me that he was expecting their first child I was over the moon! Poor little George unfortunately had to have many trips to the hospital in his first year, but is now a picture of health and the happiest toddler I know! When I made the decision to start including baby, toddler and children’s photos as part of my library George was my perfect first choice. I’d acquired some new kit including an extra studio light, a new backdrop and a cream fur rug which I couldn’t wait to try out!

This first image was exactly the kind of shot I was looking for, and with George approaching nap time and starting to fidget I was only going to get a few more shots in, and so had to remain patient as kids aren’t as easy to pose as adults and sometimes you just have to wait for the right moment!

Thankfully, although the grumpy hour was due, it hadn’t kicked in yet and George was loving the wicker chairs I’d brought round as props. This shot was just perfect, I knew I’d be seeing this on the walls in years to come! I wanted to get some more though and had a couple of ideas, although the next one was not quite what I expected, but still a great image in my opinion. No smiles, but it worked really well in black and white.

Without the wicker chair in place, that little boy wanted to crawl and crawl and crawl! I wasn’t sure i’d keep him still enough to get another shot in, but I got a couple more chances and this one was the one that worked for me.

It was a fun shoot and I can’t wait to capture him again next year. Kids grow up so fast, and change day by day. I always wished there had been more photos of me growing up as a child, and this may be part of the reason I find it so important to capture these images. I’m going to be almost obsessive when I have my own children, I just know it!

I really can’t wait to arrange the next shoot with another friends toddler this year, and I’ll be shooting it between Christmas and new year, my favourite time of year! I have asked friends to put their hand up in the air if they would like to have a few shots taken of their kids, and so i’ll probably be seeing a few more of you in the coming weeks while I stockpile some images for the website.


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