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Image of the week 20.09

Well I missed a couple of weeks, that can’t be denied, it has been a busy few weeks and trying to keep on top of everything can remain a challenge at the best of times. I’ve had a very positive few weeks though, some fantastic weddings and some great images that I can’t wait to share. I’ve caught up with some lovely couples who were full of praise for their albums, which always makes me smile. Plus, my own wedding has moved forward considerably now, and being far more organised than I thought I ever would be, i’m shocked to find that the majority of things are now done! We’re well ahead of schedule!

So this weeks image of the week is one I chose from July, around the preparations at the grooms house, as these can be often overlooked. As I arrived at the house, things started to get busy and shooting wide angle I managed to capture the action from two rooms showing the action in both and the look of concentration in one, and moment of reflection in the other. This photo had to be black and white to focus on the actually content of the image, which for me really worked. No flash was used as all subjects were suitably lit from the windows in each room, the day proved to be perfect weather for the couple as the sun shone all day.


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