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Image of the week 20.09

Well I missed a couple of weeks, that can’t be denied, it has been a busy few weeks and trying to keep on top of everything can remain a challenge at the best of times. I’ve had a very positive few weeks though, some fantastic weddings and some great images that I can’t wait to share. I’ve caught up with some lovely couples who were full of praise for their albums, which always makes me smile. Plus, my own wedding has moved forward considerably now, and being far more organised than I thought I ever would be, i’m shocked to find that the majority of things are now done! We’re well ahead of schedule!

So this weeks image of the week is one I chose from July, around the preparations at the grooms house, as these can be often overlooked. As I arrived at the house, things started to get busy and shooting wide angle I managed to capture the action from two rooms showing the action in both and the look of concentration in one, and moment of reflection in the other. This photo had to be black and white to focus on the actually content of the image, which for me really worked. No flash was used as all subjects were suitably lit from the windows in each room, the day proved to be perfect weather for the couple as the sun shone all day.

Photography, Weddings

Image of the week 31.08

I look back to the days before the internet, and sometimes wonder how we managed to cope. For me, this amazing concept opened so many doors, and one of the best features was reconnecting with so many people from school that i’d lost touch with. Its something that is lost on kids who are still at school and already using social networking sites and applications, but catching up with old friends and being able to photograph their wedding day is a double bonus for me. Its reconnecting with friends on a whole new level, and there is already a level of trust there , which makes working with a couple so much easier.

Recently I was asked to help my friend Phil, who I also went to school with, to shoot the wedding of Rob and Laura. Phil and myself knew Rob from school and were thrilled to find he’d met a fantastic girl like Laura, a gorgeous girl who was very easy to work with, making the day an absolute pleasure. We started the day well in advance of the service spending time with both the bride and the groom who were getting ready only feet away from each other in neighbouring houses. When so much thought has gone into the day, and every single little detail has been considered, it seems wrong to miss out half of the day by not capturing any shots in the morning. Sure, its great to get a lovely shot of the bride looking fantastic in the church, but we all know, especially you ladies, that it didn’t take fifteen minutes to look like that! Wedding photography has changed massively over the years, and only for the better. Long gone are the days of dull and military poses, and here are the days of documentary. I like to photograph the day as it unfolds, this is where a couple start their new life together, where a father has to say goodbye to his little girl, and it is full of emotion, from the minute the bride opens her eyes!

I like to think that this weeks picture captures some of that emotion, it is another black and white taken on my favourite 50mm f1.8 lens, shot wide open to allow for foreground and background blur. Whilst having her hair done and her tiara put on, you can see the emotion in Laura’s eyes knowing that the dress is next and then its time to leave for the church!