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Abducted by aliens!

No I wasn’t really abducted by aliens, but a combination of events meant that I put my blog down and didn’t pick it up again like the naughty person I am!

Okay, so I have a bit of catching up to do and don’t have a huge amount of time to do it in. Firstly, with Katie and Jay’s wedding coming up this weekend, the most recent wedding to look back on was that of my old school friend Rob, and his lovely new wife Laura. Rob and Laura had booked the day with Phil, who in turn had asked me to keep my diary free to help him, which is always a pleasure as we always get some amazing images together and work really well as a team. I am so pleased to be having Phil taking the photos for my wedding next year, hopefully working with Jenny from as I have worked with this very talented lady, who has recently made the switch from studio to weddings and has done an amazing job so far.

For Rob and Laura’s wedding we travelled all the way down to Oxford, where the sky was cloudy, which makes for great lighting for the photos, even though most couples prefer the sun. Rain did threaten, and a few spots appeared while the bride was getting ready, but that was all the rain we had for that day until much later on when we’d finished taking photos outdoors anyway.

Congratulations to the happy new couple, here are some shots from their special day!


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