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Happy New Year… finally!

Well happy new year to everyone that has stopped by to read this! I know we are a couple of weeks into the new year, and I have neglected this site for a little while, but I was quite ill over christmas and a lot of things got put on hold while I tried to catch up with myself. So my apologies for letting this page get a bit dusty, I will be making every effort to keep up to date with this now on a more regular basis.

The new year has been a time of reflection for me and a chance to look at what I did last year and how I felt about it all, and to be honest as much fun as it was I was so busy I didnt get much chance to appreciate things as they were happening and the year was over in the blink of and eye for me. Consequently I have chosen to slow my pace down this year and want to be able to focus on my own upcoming wedding for 2012 without the fear of running out of time because I am photographing too many other weddings. As most of you reading this are either married or most likely planning your own, you will either know or soon be finding out the amount of effort that goes into planning your wedding and my wonderful fiance deserves nothing less than my full attention when it comes to ours. I know typically the groom may only have a minor part in the actual planning, but having been to so many I have a few ideas of my own regarding what I do and don’t want… is there such a thing as a groomzilla??

So for now, there are still a few more tweaks I need to make to the website, and the facebook page needs a bit of a polishing, but I am looking forward to some fantastic opportunities for 2011!