Photography, Weddings

Double wedding weekend

What an amazing weekend with some fantastic couples. Friday was definitely the funniest wedding photos I have done, and Saturday was all about the amazing attention to detail!

Friday started off very early on a cold wet golf course, trying to locate the male half of the wedding party on their journey of the last nine holes of the course. It was cold and damp, but that didn’t dampen any spirits, and we still saw a bit of sun in the sky eventually. The day went smoothly and I laughed hard at one of the funniest best man speeches yet!

Saturday was the long awaited wedding of Jo and Rob, an amazing couple that I felt privileged to shoot and had the good fortune of my friend to help me! The church was amazing, the vicar was hilarious, the weather was fantastic, and the couple set the benchmark for most amazingly friendly people to photograph yet! After a superb meal and a few more photographs the fun was cranked up a notch for the evening party, I only wish I didn’t have to drive home that night! Hopefully some photos will be up soon!

This coming weekend I worryingly have the wedding of Gemma and Andy, but only worrying as in ‘where has the last 12 months gone since our previous meeting!?’ the venue is gorgeous, and the couple are absolutely lovely! It’s going to mean a very early start driving down to Wales, but I will be worth it!


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