Summer break is over

September is almost upon us and we are only four months from Christmas, I guess its no real surprise as to why the weather is somewhat disappointing. People seem to forget that back in June the summer got off to quite a pleasant start with virtually a month of solid sunshine and no rain. July meant the countdown for Clare and myself to our summer break in Ibiza, and on our return we came back engaged with a rather lovely white gold diamond ring on Clare’s finger.

Now the shoe is on the other foot and the nightmare of wedding planning begins! Yes, yes before you all ask, I have given thought to a wedding photographer, but I am keeping that one under wraps for now until I have sorted something.

The second thing to consider is that now the summer break is over, it is back to full on work mode with a hundred and one things needing attending to, and a multitude of weddings coming up! Thankfully the last minute booking for bank holiday monday didn’t actually follow up with their enquiry, giving me a bit more breathing space to get things done. I have lots of albums to start putting together, and still need to finish the new website!

In fact, I think I had better get on with it!


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