All work and no play

So it has been quite simply an amazing year so far, the wedding enquiries have kept coming, the new camera arrived, the skills have continued to develop, i’ve been working on a number of weddings with an assistant, next year is looking promising already, i’ve even started to train up a few people who are wanting to enhance their skills too… but there is one thing missing. Quite simply a bit of down time, a chance to slow down and look back on what i’ve done, and also to do things for me. Sure I enjoy the weddings, hell I LOVE the weddings, they’re fun, emotional, and sharing the biggest day of a couples life is an honour and there is nothing like sharing the images with them afterwards. There is nothing like a bit of time to yourself though, a bit of time to switch off and not be thinking about things, or editing photos, or checking emails.

Next week I fly out to Ibiza for a week in the sun with my wonderful girlfriend and I know I will be coming home fully recharged and ready to go. September is going to be a busy month and things only slow down slightly in the run up to new years eve, I won’t know what to do with myself for the few weeks after that until the weddings start again!

This month I also look into my pricing structure, and will be putting out a new price list along side the new website. I am hoping that I will be doing fewer weddings, but making each one a bit more profitable. The new prices are there for two reasons, firstly to move the business in a positive direction, and secondly to give me more time between each wedding to focus on the couples that I deal with.

For the next few days its all about packing the suitcase and VIVA ESPANA!!


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