Summer break is over

September is almost upon us and we are only four months from Christmas, I guess its no real surprise as to why the weather is somewhat disappointing. People seem to forget that back in June the summer got off to quite a pleasant start with virtually a month of solid sunshine and no rain. July meant the countdown for Clare and myself to our summer break in Ibiza, and on our return we came back engaged with a rather lovely white gold diamond ring on Clare’s finger.

Now the shoe is on the other foot and the nightmare of wedding planning begins! Yes, yes before you all ask, I have given thought to a wedding photographer, but I am keeping that one under wraps for now until I have sorted something.

The second thing to consider is that now the summer break is over, it is back to full on work mode with a hundred and one things needing attending to, and a multitude of weddings coming up! Thankfully the last minute booking for bank holiday monday didn’t actually follow up with their enquiry, giving me a bit more breathing space to get things done. I have lots of albums to start putting together, and still need to finish the new website!

In fact, I think I had better get on with it!


See you soon

Thanks to all of you who have taken time out to look at this blog, i’m sorry there havent been more frequent updates, but there will be plenty in the coming months. This one, however, will be my last for at least a week as I jet out for a little sun in Ibiza.

The summer has been a busy one and its now time to switch off and unwind for seven days, so I can come back recharged and ready to take on the rest of the year!

See you all soon folks!


All work and no play

So it has been quite simply an amazing year so far, the wedding enquiries have kept coming, the new camera arrived, the skills have continued to develop, i’ve been working on a number of weddings with an assistant, next year is looking promising already, i’ve even started to train up a few people who are wanting to enhance their skills too… but there is one thing missing. Quite simply a bit of down time, a chance to slow down and look back on what i’ve done, and also to do things for me. Sure I enjoy the weddings, hell I LOVE the weddings, they’re fun, emotional, and sharing the biggest day of a couples life is an honour and there is nothing like sharing the images with them afterwards. There is nothing like a bit of time to yourself though, a bit of time to switch off and not be thinking about things, or editing photos, or checking emails.

Next week I fly out to Ibiza for a week in the sun with my wonderful girlfriend and I know I will be coming home fully recharged and ready to go. September is going to be a busy month and things only slow down slightly in the run up to new years eve, I won’t know what to do with myself for the few weeks after that until the weddings start again!

This month I also look into my pricing structure, and will be putting out a new price list along side the new website. I am hoping that I will be doing fewer weddings, but making each one a bit more profitable. The new prices are there for two reasons, firstly to move the business in a positive direction, and secondly to give me more time between each wedding to focus on the couples that I deal with.

For the next few days its all about packing the suitcase and VIVA ESPANA!!


New website

Well it’s been a few days since I last updated this blog, which is a bit naughty of me since I wanted to keep it fresh and alive. I guess it has just been such a busy couple of months that finding time to do things has been a real push for me. The good news is that I am just a week away from seven days in the sun, next week Clare and me fly out to Ibiza for a week of relaxing by the pool, cocktails and sunsets!

Coming home will mean having my foot firmly back on the pedal though as I have a lot of weddings still to focus on, all the way through September, October, November and even December! What I want to focus on over the coming weeks though is the new website I have planned. The current one is not bad, and serves its purpose, but I just feel that it lacks something. I want something not too flashy or over the top, but says to people that quality and detail are important to me. On that note I’m really keen to hear what people think of a) the current website and b) what the new one should be saying to them! Any thoughts, comments and criticisms will be more than welcomed. Feel free to get in touch be leaving a comment here, emailing me through the website, or emailing me directly at

I look forward to hearing from you!

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Dan and Amy’s wedding

For a second weekend in a row I was asked to support Phil Groves at another beautiful wedding. We first met up with the groom and his best man at their mothers house and then moved on to the bride at her parents house and managed to capture some lovely moments before setting off to meet the groom again at the church.

It was a great day with yet more friendly welcoming people that it was an absolute pleasure to meet, and some fantastic weather to boot.

Here are a few of the images from the day.

Congratulations Dan and Amy!

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Out in the country

The wedding of Natalie and Owen was a fantastic day, in a fantastic place, with fantastic people. I got to assist my good friend Phil Groves at this particular wedding and was thrilled at the opportunity. The bride was getting prepared at her parents amazing 900 year old house out in the middle of Worcester, and it was a delight to take photos in such a place. We started the day meeting the girls at the hairdressers, before heading back to the house for the preparations. The church and service was equally as lovely and then it was back to the parents house for the reception in a beautiful marquee.

All I can say is that if my wedding day looked like that, i’d be more than happy!

Here are some of the shots from the day!