Double wedding weekend

This weekend marked a first for me, a very hectic schedule of the lovely wedding of Claire and Geoff on Saturday, followed by a very picturesque setting for Scott and Lee on Sunday, with thanks to Dan Graves for assisting me on Sunday. The next few days is going to be extremely busy with editing all the pictures, but it will be great to see the final images, and will have some preview shots up here for the couple to see soon.

On a seperate note, i’m setting myself a mini project, which has undoubtably been done hundreds of times before, but from 1st of june I am starting Project 365 where I take and upload a picture a day for a full year. The shots can and will be anything, and may only have been taken on my iphone, but I want to give myself a chance to open my eyes a bit and see more of what is around me. Lets see how it goes.


Publicity at last!

So it began with an enquiry from a lady regarding her wedding, probably a little further than I had wanted to travel, up in Stoke. I thought I’d do it anyway, and met the couple who seemed lovely. The plan was to use a lovely place called Heath House as a location for the photos, after the ceremony, and what a beautiful place it was!

Sadly, the weather wasn’t ideal and our time wasn’t long enough, and although we got some great shots, we could have got more.

I could have left it there, but thought the couple deserved another chance, and so arranged to reshoot some images and was then contacted by the PR staff from Heath House requesting to use some shots for an editorial piece to be submitted to several national wedding magazines.

And so here’s to hoping that a little publicity in a few big magazines at the very least generates a few enquiries for me!


Scott and Julia finally tie the knot

So it was a chance meeting, over 10 years ago, that meant I would get to know Scott and his brother Trevor and form a fantastic circle of friends that I see more often than a lot of my own family!

In the lead up there were two stag parties in preparation for this wedding, including a week in Magaluf, and several reunions, followed by a three day celebration of the wedding itself. Thankfully, Scott had not asked me to miss out on a lot of the fun by being the official photographer, which I was immensely grateful for. Photographers were hired and I got to sit back and enjoy the day, leaving the people paid to do their job to it.

Of course once the day began to unfold, I couldn’t help but capture my friends and me having fun, especially when the photographer had gone home.

Here are some of the shots from the day.


Stoke Wedding – Carol & Dave preview

It wasn’t the warmest day we have seen so far this year, but Saturday had threatened rain all day, and the wonderful location that Carol and Dave had selected for their photos was Heath House. A lovely looking building with some amazing grounds, and the rain held off just long enough for us to get some great pictures from there. The bride and her bridesmaids were frozen by the end of it, but at least it stayed dry and we could take advantage of some of what the grounds had to offer.

Back at the reception venue, the girls warmed up again and the party started and no doubt continued long into the night!

It was a lovely day, everyone looked fantastic and thanks to Jenny for assisting me on the day.

Here are a few shots from the day.


Then there were two

This coming Saturday will be the end of four back to back weddings, just in time for me to take a weekend off for my birthday!

Things have been very positive this year, and I have got off to a good start with 2010, so much so that I decided that maybe a little help may be in order, two brains are always better than one, after all. So I have been looking out for another photographer to jump on board and pick up a few tips on weddings whilst offering an extra set of amazing photos for the bride and groom, on top of whatever I may take. Of course, nearly all the weddings I have done in the past have been on my own, and they have all pleased the bride and groom concerned, which is the most important thing, but now I wanted to move things to another level. The first person to join me is the talented Jennifer from I have seen her style and liked it very much, and having met up with her, know we will get on great working together at some of the lovely weddings I have booked for this year.

The extra photographer isn’t just about an extra set of eyes, and hands for me, or just to give a studio/portrait/commercial photographer a taste of weddings, but to create a network of support. I want to get to know people in the area who may want me to pay me to assist one day that I dont have a booking, or cover a wedding if i’m ill, or maybe even to refer a bride and groom to who are enquiring about a day I already have a booking, or refer bride and grooms to me when they start taking bookings and may have double enquiries for dates.

Which ever way you look at it, its progress, and that can’t be a bad thing!


Sneak Peek

What a lovely day on Saturday, Vici and John were a fantastic couple and looked great! The family was warm and welcoming and the day was a total success. Weather had been threatening rain all week and on the actual day, not a drop! Rain is your enemy on the day, but not a lot of people realise that bright sunlight is just as much your enemy. Deep dark shadows, washed out colours, everybody squinting, over-exposed whites. On the actual day we had a bit of cloud cover, which makes for the most perfect lighting you could hope for on a wedding day, and the photos came out a treat. Here is a sneaky look at a few of the images from the day!