We love spring

Well what a turn around the last few weeks have been with the weather, from snow and ice, and scraping the car windows to glorious sunshine and warm weather, in only a matter of weeks.

For me the next few weeks are going to be very busy, with plenty of weddings and hoping the weather stays just as it is. I’d like to get outside and see it at some point, but that may have to wait until i’m out shooting the weddings at this rate!

Plenty of opportunities to get a little more practise in with my new camera which is showing some lovely results so far. Now I just need to save up another £1300 for my next lens. Yes, thats just for the lens alone, and you wonder why wedding photographers charge so much!

I have recently been on the search for a new photography assistant for wedding days and the emails have been flooding in. I’d like to get to know a few local photographers to build up a bit of a network. Maybe send some work their way when i’m booked up, or be able to call on someone if I need a last minute assistant. So far i’ve met two lovely people who are keen to learn about weddings and look like they may be bringing a good level of skill to the party, now to see how the rest of the wedding year unfolds!

Here are a few shots from a recent wedding in Walsall.


Wedding season full swing

Well the wedding season has fully kicked in, and it’s going to mean many sunny nights stuck in front of a computer, but at least I have found a way to streamline the editing process.

Most recently was Farina and Nicks wedding over at a lovely church in Wolverhampton, and this weekend it’s Loughborough bound for Vici and Johns wedding! It’s going to be a hectic day as I’m going straight out after the wedding to meet my friends for the final part of Scotts stag do, a little bit of catch up required!

Recent wedding photos to be posted up here soon, and hopefully a new look to the website coming soon!


Family snaps

A recent visit to see my cousin and her six week old little girl gave me another opportunity to take the camera for another test run in advance of this weekends wedding between Kelly and Andy. I took the studio lighting in case, but the conservatory made for a great light source offering some fantastic light to shoot the girls in.

Here are some of the shots from the day.

Now to make sure my camera kit is all ready for tomorrow, picking up my assistant for the day, Tracy at Midday then off to the church!

Still working my way through all the emails I’ve received asking for new people interested in assisting on weddings throughout the year, think I’ve got the short list down to the last few now!


Afternoon in the park

Finally a hint of summer arrives in the UK, and while most people have probably flocked to the beach, me and my girlfriend decide to spend a little while relaxing in the local park. This provides an opportunity to test the new camera out and see what I can do with it. With a whole lot of weddings ahead of me this year I need to know the camera inside out. Thankfully staying with canon has meant there are not too many differences.

Here are a few of the shots I took in the park.


New camera

Well this years aim of purchasing a new camera has been achieved earlier than expected. Thanks to some hard work and a little bit of luck I am now the proud parent of a Canon EOS 5D, the wedding photographers choice of camera for a number of years. It’s a fantastic piece of kit and has proven to myself that all the hard work and determination has started to pay off! There is still a whole lot to save for, but picking up this camera has definitely been a turning point in my photography career!


I love weddings!

Well with the wedding season under way, here is a selection of photos from Clare and Paul’s wedding. It really is a truly fantastic day when two people finally bring all their hopes and dreams together and make such a wonderful celebration of their love. I never used to be big on weddings, although i’ve always been big on photography, but one day something clicked in me and I knew I wanted to photograph weddings but never thought i’d be good enough. Finally back in late 2007 I decided I was going to do it and threw myself into it feet first, and have loved every minute of it since. Being such a major part of the biggest day of a couples life is truly an honour and there is little except for the birth of a child that can stir so many emotions… even in the stranger to the family who is stood there taking the photos! Yes, i’ve been caught off guard with a few fantastic speeches, and can’t wait for the next!


Happy Easter

Just wanting to wish everyone a very happy easter and hope you’re all having a nice break! For everyone who is planning their weddings for 2010, I hope your plans are going smoothly. I’ve met some lovely couples so far and have yet to meet some more over the next few days. If you are thinking of booking up for your wedding photography them don’t hang about too long as dates are filling up all the time! Don’t forget that I’m always happy to meet up with couples prior to booking to chat with them and answer any questions they have!