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365 project comin’ at ya: days 256 – 263

Feel like I am finally getting into a little bit of a routine with the 365 now, although it does still feel like a bit of an effort to keep getting these posts up! We’re flying through September, and it has been a busy month along the way, its good to take some slower days sometimes, just to relax, spend time with the family and appreciate what you have around you.

The last couple of weeks have also been quite exhausting as we have a little one who is waking up every night at the moment, maybe teething related again, who knows?! We can’t seem to find a reason for it, and the first night we tried using some teething gel that had been recommended by a number of people, Chloe was back off to sleep in 10 minutes!

256: The growing adventure continues, and the little landmark achievements still continue to amaze us, even though we’ve already been through this all once before with Olivia. On top of happily sitting up by herself now, Chloe has also taken to drinking from a beaker as well, and clearly loves to guzzle some water back in between bottles. Olivia has always been a good drinker, and I’m hoping Chloe is too!

Day 256 - Sep 18th

Day 256 – Sep 18th

257: Ah y’know, some days you just don’t have much going on and you forget all about the photos, today was one of those days. Suddenly its late, you’re tired, and you know that even though you’re fresh out of inspiration, ya gotta take that photo!

Day 257 - Sep 19th

Day 257 – Sep 19th

258: So in keeping with the recent post about achievements, our little lady has a new favourite past time… standing up! She loves it! Its very early days, she is very wobbly on her feet, even with support, but she just loves being on her feet and seeing the world from a different angle. Some days its the only way we can get her to stop being grumpy!

Day 258 - Sep 20th

Day 258 – Sep 20th

259: Some days your only photo is unintentional. This pen was something we brought home from a hotel that we stayed in whilst out in California on our honeymoon four years ago. It has been a pleasant reminder of our wonderful stay in the golden state, but sadly this pen has reached the end of its life. I took a photo to stick on the hotels facebook page, to thank them, and the following morning I realised its the only photo I’d taken all day! Thank goodness for Hipstamatic on the iPhone!

Day 259 - Sep 21st

Day 259 – Sep 21st

260: Not learning my lesson of making the effort to take a photo, this was another last-minute-just-before-I-went-to-bed type shot. I was feeling very tired due to the afore mentioned disrupted sleep due to the little one waking up crying and not wanting to go back to sleep. It feels like these two things, the dummy and the bottle are the only things stopping her from being grumpy sometimes. She’s a lovely baby really, full of smiles, but when she’s grumpy, you know about it, and the bottle and the dummy can be your best friends!

Day 260 - Sep 22nd

Day 260 – Sep 22nd

261: I love Fridays for so many reasons, but one of them being that I get to finish work an hour earlier and spend longer at home with my girls before they go to bed. This Friday was a little different as they wife was going straight out to meet friends in town, and so the survival of the children depended entirely on me! Pressure!! Its times like this that you really respect the single parents and all that goes into bringing up little ones with no-one else to rely on, just doing it for a few hours is enough! My wife does so much, and goes through this every day when I am at work, but I am less used to it, as she is always around. I managed to get them fed and in bed without breaking them, but captured this quick shot of Olivia as she watched tv and just thought how old she was starting to look. You have to enjoy it while they are little, as it doesn’t seem to last five minutes!

Day 261 - Sep 23rd

Day 261 – Sep 23rd

262: After a 1st birthday party for a friends little girl, we headed home to relax for a bit, but I had other things on my mind. Me and Olivia headed out in the car to StreetBike, as I wanted to look at helmets. Yes, I have put in for my CBT and will be buying a motorbike in the next few weeks. No, not a midlife crisis, just something I have wanted to do for a long time that I never thought I would get the chance to do. Going from having a car each to becoming a one car family has not presented too many difficulties, especially as I have been commuting to work by bicycle for four and a half years, but there are times when I am feeling tired or run down and just dont want to cycle, but then don’t want to deprive the wife of a car, while I leave it sat in the car park at work. Plus I have a number of friends with motorbikes and would love to go on a few rides out with them!

Day 262 - Sep 24th

Day 262 – Sep 24th

263: Looking after my friends boy again for the morning, and another walk over Lickey Hills. Its easy to get nice wide angle landscape shots, but I had my camera with its 50mm lens on today, which is not a wide angle lens, and it often best suited for portraits and head shots, so it forced me to think a little differently. I took this shot as I like it all the lines of the trees and as soon as I saw it on the back of the camera, I knew it was going to be black and white!

Day 263 - Sep 25th

Day 263 – Sep 15th

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The 365 moves towards Autumn: days 243 – 255

Back to the blog, and back to the 365 project, it has been a couple of weeks and I wanted to make Sunday night my regular blog night, but so far it hasn’t worked out that way, although there is still time to work on that for remainder of the 365 project. Its never too late to give up! We’re back into regular routines now that I’m back to work from the summer break. Accepting that it was time to go back was a little hard, I’ve had such a lovely time off with the wife and my two daughters. It has been fun, relaxing and a bit of a lazy summer break in some aspects, we didn’t go very far, or do very much, and my to-do list isn’t much smaller than it was when I started the summer break back in July! One thing I was keen to get back on top of was the running, and I’d even thought hard about hitting the training a bit harder and signing up for the Birmingham Half Marathon again this year, that was until an injury forced me to abandon the idea completely. A blister halfway round because of my worn out trainers should have been no big issue, but it meant I had to run the last 2.5 miles awkwardly to compensate for the painful blister instead of running with a more natural stride, doing unnoticed damage to my knee until I’d finished running. Harumph, that was my one chance to run the Birmingham Half Marathon gone!

So the summer break is over now, regular service is resumed, and its pretty much a countdown to autumn when the weather begins to change and the evenings get dark much earlier. Those evening runs with my friend are going to have to be done in the dark until closer to easter next year. We have half term to look forward to, plus bonfire night which is one of my favourite nights of the year, and then christmas which is now less than 100 days away.

243: Catching up from where we left off last time, and we’re up to September 5th now, which is Olivia’s birthday. After a weekend of celebrating, her actual birthday happened to be a Monday, the first day back to work for me sadly. We still had a lovely evening, which happened to be bath night for this cheeky lady.

Day 243 - Sep 5th

Day 243 – Sep 5th

244: A second day of intensive training at work, and so was looking forward to a drink at home that evening, which was made easy as one of my sisters was coming round for dinner with her other half to drop off Olivias card and present.

Day 244 - Sep 6th

Day 244 – Sep 6th

245: A hot day, of which there have been many lately, and along with the joys of the summer sunshine and rare warmth that allows us to leave the doors and windows open, one problem we seem to have is flies in the house, doing laps of the ceiling lights for some unknown reason. Fly spray isn’t very nice for everyone around, especially children, on top of the fact that it can be tricky to catch them all unless you treat the entire room and leave the house for at least an hour, so we went for a more old school method and hung up some fly paper, and it worked a treat. That’ll teach the little buggers!

Day 245 - Sep 7th

Day 245 – Sep 7th

246: The first day of the kids being back in school didn’t go so badly, but it soon became obvious that we were starting to lose the daylight a lot sooner than we we’ve been recently used to. I love the light evenings and mornings in the Summer, but we have to face that Autumn is knocking on the door, and temperatures are going to be dropping soon. Its a disappointing time of year for someone who cycles to work, as you begin to spend longer on the road in the dark. I have spent a some good money on bike lights and over winter they get used heavily!

Day 246 - Sep 8th

Day 246 – Sep 8th

247: Thankfully the end of the week, and as I was home early from work it gave us some options for what to do with our evening. After talking a lot lately about how to best deal with her redundancy payout, we’d agreed that it was about time for clare to upgrade her phone any buy a new handeset… the flashy iPhone 6 plus, and so after deciding not to wait in for delivery, it was into the car and off to the Apple Store for a family trip out! We even stopped off at the Build-A-Bear shop to treat the girls.

Day 247 - Sep 9th

Day 247 – Sep 9th

248: Saturday and Clare is out for lunch with friends, and I can’t pretend I don’t feel a little bit more under pressure. I am used to the support of having the wife around to make sure I don’t break one of children or something stupid. I know she’s perfectly used to having them on her own by now, she’s a pro at it having been off work for so long with each of them, but its unfamiliar territory for me. She knows all their routines, where their spare clothes are, all the little details I miss out on when I am at work, and consequently I am not used to this level of responsibility very often! I soon get over it and decide to distract myself by setting up a flash and get some nice portraits taken of the girls while I have the chancel

Day 248 - Day 10th

Day 248 – Day 10th

249: Sunday and a visit to the mothers house, where I find an opportunity to capture a still life. I like getting over to see my mom with the girls when I get chance, as they no longer have a car anymore, and public transport to ours is limited. There are always fresh flowers there, but it takes a bit of effort to try and find a different way to shoot them.

Day 249 - Sep 11th

Day 249 – Sep 11th

250:The weaning process is in full swing and going very well with Chloe now, we seem to have the feeding routine fairly well established. She’s still has her off days when she just doesn’t seem hungry, and there is no getting any food past those pursed lips! It was even worth trying to fool her by giving her a spoon of her own, and trying to get the food in while her mouth was open. This had limited success. Sometimes they’re just not hungry and there’s nothing you can do about it!

Day 250 - Sep 12th

Day 250 – Sep 12th

251: One of those days where the camera is a bit of an after thought, and doesn’t get brought out until I am off to bed and realise that I had totally forgot. This shot at least reminded me that it is time to swap the tinted lens on my cycling glasses, which are a very useful addition to the commuting cyclist. Far from being just a fashion accessory and nothing else, they keep wind, rain, bugs and flying stones out of my eyes while I am moving at speed.

Day 251 - Sep 13th

Day 251 – Sep 13th

252: After recently purchasing my ticket to see the Red Hot Chili Peppers in December, which I am very excited about as its my first time seeing them in over 20 years of being a fan, I have been annoying the wife by playing this album on repeat, which is one of my favourite albums. I caught up with my friend at the pub on Saturday, who is also a big fan, and to my horror doesn’t have this album, and so through the magic of the mobile phone and amazon, sat in the pub with my beer I ordered him a copy which arrived today!

Day 252 - Sep 14th

Day 252 – Sep 14th

253: Today I woke up to a rather foggy start to the day, very beautiful but the kind of scene that makes a commuting cyclist a bit nervous. Thankfully I was fairly confident that my lights would be up for the job of keeping me visible. They are one area that I didn’t want to skimp on, as they are one of the most important parts of my bike. I’d sooner have good lights than any hi-viz clothing or even a helmet!

Day 253 - Sep 15th

Day 253 – Sep 15th

254: Home alone with my girls again as the wife heads out with friends to see the new Bridget Jones film at the cinema with her friends. I treated myself to a pizza and a few beers in front of a more manly film, and then remembered the home made wine kit in the garage that should be ready by now… although sadly it wasn’t quite, but I did get to taste some and it tasted good. I just need to leave it another week or so to settle before I bottle it.

Day 254 - Sep 16th

Day 254 – Sep 16th

255: Saturday is finally here and I’m off to shoot another wedding today. The couple are two lovely people who are both widowed and remarrying, but still wanted a classic wedding day. The weather was on our side, an overcast but not cold day, making some great light for photos. Even though I was driving all the way from Birmingham to Coventry I realised that the reception venue was a hotel I’d already been to twice before! It was a very relaxed and easy day, but I was still glad to be home at the end of it.

Day 255 - Sep 17th

Day 255 – Sep 17th

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the project continues: days 230 – 242

Well this post is going to be the last one of the summer holidays, September is now here, I’m going back to work after six fabulous weeks off with the family, and I am very grateful for the time I have had with them. We’ve done some lovely things, seen family and friends, had plenty of BBQs and enjoyed some lovely weather on days out, in the park, or even just in the garden.

230: This was the day that the wife was out for lunch with work friends, and I was left to watch the girls. Even as a dad of three years, I still feel the pressure of parenting alone when the wife isn’t around! Its like I have never done it before, and one of them might explode or something. Thankfully the big one was in nursery and the little one still isn’t moving very far when you put her down. One thing she is doing is showing us that its almost time to give up the baby bouncer, for as much as she loves it, its getting hard to keep her safe in there!

Day 230 - Aug 23rd

Day 230 – Aug 23rd

231: Today was a hot one, a strong reminder that summer wasn’t done just yet. It was my turn to head out for a couple of hours. I’d arranged to meet up with some of the other dads from our antenatal group, and we found some of the new and quirky bars in Birmingham to head to. Not the kind where the kids were all hanging out, doing shots and fighting, this was a little more refined, but still had a “we’re off the beaten track and cool” feel about it. Even the doors had some funky artwork on!

Day 231 - Aug 24th

Day 231 – Aug 24th

232: Not all selfie’s are polished works of art. There is a growing culture of particularly young ladies who seem to have the selfie down to a fine art and will be prepared to take 500 of the same shot until they’re happy. I gave this idea two fingers and thought I’d grab a shot during my 5 mile run from dropping the car off for its service. Thankfully the father in law was around to take me back to pick it up later that day!

Day 232 - Aug 25th

Day 232 – Aug 25th

233: Road trip was on! After a painful drive down the M5 we made it down to Devon to stay with friends for the weekend, and that night thought we’d all head out to Lyme Regis beach for a walk and to grab some ice cream. I took other shots, but particularly enjoyed the serene feel of this shot. Canvas material? Something to hang on the wall as a work of art? Maybe so… until the wife shot me down in flames and exclaimed “Its rubbish… theres nothing in it!!”. **shakes head**

Day 233 - Aug 26th

Day 233 – Aug 26th

234: We headed out today to see a number of places including some fun catching crabs and eating fish and chips by the sea. It is lovely to just relax and spend time with friends sometimes, life can be so hectic at times.

Day 234 - Aug 27th

Day 234 – Aug 27th

235: These girls love playing together, and now there is a new one to add to the group. I only wish we could see them more often. Today we had some lunch before jumping on the motorway and headed home. Thankfully as it was a bank holiday weekend the motorway was still quiet on Sunday.

Day 235 - Aug 28th

Day 235 – Aug 28th

236: We were supposed to head out to Stratford-Upon-Avon to meet up with some other friends, which sadly ended up being cancelled at the last minute, and so we headed out for a walk around the local park instead, as it seemed a shame to waste the sunshine, and with the summer holidays drawing to a close and my return to work imminent, I wanted to spend some more time doing nice things with the family. Todays photo was yet another portrait, as I love looking back on them all and seeing the changes.

Day 236 - Aug 29th

Day 236 – Aug 29th

237: I was out this morning taking care of my friends son for a few hours again after I’d dropped Olivia at nursery, and there was a window of a few hours before the wife headed out for food with a friend. I decided to capture this shot of Chloe now she is sitting up so much, as most of the previous shots were of her lying down. She seems to be changing at an astronomical rate at the moment, and doubling in size! The is becoming a real character, always full of smiles and loving the interaction with adults, very much like her big sister, but very different at the same time.

Day 237 - Aug 30th

Day 237 – Aug 30th

238: Yeah yeah, another portrait, I need to get the camera out and try some different shots, I know, but today Chloe was all dressed up for her grandmothers birthday and looked gorgeous. We all headed out for a family carvery, which was amazing, even if I did over do things a little.

Day 238 - Aug 31st

Day 238 – Aug 31st

239: Back out looking after my friends son for a few more hours again, and a nice walk in the Lickey Hills to blow a few cobwebs out as I haven’t done a great deal of exercise since I have been off work. September is now here, and summer is starting to disappear. The days are still warm, but the sun is setting much earlier, and the nights are feeling a little cooler. I think we still have a couple of BBQs left, but autumn is definitely not far away. The green in this picture will soon be replaced by reds and oranges.

Day 239 - Sep 1st

Day 239 – Sep 1st

240: I’m not going to lie, this was a day I didn’t take many photos at all, and had very little to choose from, but Chloe’s smile just melts my heart sometimes, and she looked so cute just lying back on the cushions after sitting up for a while and then just giving up!

Day 240 - Sep 2nd

Day 240 – Sep 2nd

241: Our little baby is no longer our little baby, and we struggle to call her our little girl, she seems so much older than her years sometimes. Her 3rd birthday is just around the corner and today we had a soft play party for her and some of her friends, she is so confident and took it all in her stride, but almost looked a little overwhelmed at the attention was very much focused on her as the cake came out. A rather stunning peppa pig handmade by the wife I might add!

Day 241 - Sep 3rd

Day 241 – Sep 3rd

242: The second part of the celebrations was on the Sunday as the parents and one of my sisters came over for a BBQ. We decided to open the bulk of the presents while everyone was around, and Olivia had a fantastic day to finish off a fantastic weekend. Plus we had a little visit from a friend and our second surprise pregnancy announcement of the weekend. Two separate friends are both due with their second babies and both expecting in March. How exciting!

Day 242 - Sep 4th

Day 242 – Sep 4th

So That’s it, summer holidays are over, our girl is almost 3, and the little one has already turned 7 months old. Time is flying past and the new school year is upon us again as Sunday night lands with a disappointing thud. So much I wanted to do, and so many things still on my to-do list! I am just grateful for the time I have had at home with the family, it has been invaluable and I have been very lucky to have six weeks off, not just with the girls, but with the wife as well. Will we be able to do it again next year? Well, if we can work the finances, then possibly. Fingers crossed!

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More of the 365 project: days 221 – 229

I started this post ages ago, and never quite got around to adding the text and being able to upload it. Time demands have made my days, and in particular the evenings (where I usually find time to write on here) very limited, largely due to the recent weddings I have photographed leaving me with many photos to edit, and also the rare chance at a number of nights out catching up with some friends.

221: Sunday afternoon and a chance to duplicate a photo taken a couple of years ago when this girls big sister was much smaller and wearing the same cap. The evening was a chance to catch up with a couple to discuss their wedding plans.

Day 221 - Aug 14th

Day 221 – Aug 14th

222: The day before another wedding and time to prepare batteries and memory cards. One thing we have started getting into today is the whole weaning process with Chloe. The fruit purees haven’t got much of a response, but the little lady shows a certain fondness for the age old favourite of rusks! They get a bit messy, but thats half the fun!

Day 222 - Aug 15th

Day 222 – Aug 15th

223: The wedding of a friend, and what a beautiful day for it! I love being involved in the entire day, from hair and make up with the bride, through to the first dance. The photos then begin to unfold like a story book. I can’t wait to get these photos edited and ready for them to view! This was the beautiful house of the reception lit up as the sun started to set.

Day 223 - Aug 16th

Day 223 – Aug 16th

224: Another beautiful day, this summer has been blessed with some sunshine and warm weather, and sometimes this is no better way than to enjoy this by relaxing at home with the family in the garden. One thing I have tried to do in the garden is encourage the bees with some of the flowers I have grown, and the Hollyhocks seem quite popular!

Day 224 - Aug 17th

Day 224 – Aug 17th

225: Dressing up day at nursery, and the theme is “what I’d like to be when I grow up”. Its a bit of a tricky one for someone to comprehend who isn’t even three yet, but the girl does love to show off her ballet dancing!

Day 225 - Aug 18th

Day 225 – Aug 18th

226: Back to the childrens hospital for Chloe’s check up on her hips since the harness came off 8 weeks ago. Thankfully all is good and it certainly doesn’t seem to have slowed down her desire to get about!

Day 226 - Aug 19th

Day 226 – Aug 19th

227: Okay, so I can’t lie, its quite obvious by the fact I am in this photo that I didn’t take it. It was a school reunion where yet again most of those invited had a reason for not being able to be make it. Its disappointing and frustrating, so many times I have tried to arrange nights like this, but its always the same people who turn up. It was still a great night, with three friends I have known for almost 30 years. A friendly member of bar staff offered to take our photo, which was at least, for the sake of this project, taken on my phone and edited by me afterwards.

Day 227 - Aug 20th

Day 227 – Aug 20th

228: Sunday again, and visiting the grandparents, where Chloe gets to show off her new skills, sitting up for long periods with no support and just a couple of cushions around her.

Day 228 - Aug 21st

Day 228 – Aug 21st

229: What to do to entertain a child… I hate relying on the tv, and we’ve done painting and play-doh, so lets head out to the shops and get some cornflakes and chocolate and make some chocolate cornflake cakes. That is until Olivia starts to eat the mix instead of mixing it and putting it into cake trays.

Day 229 - Aug 22nd

Day 229 – Aug 22nd

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World Photography Day

There are so many World This Day’s and World That Day’s that I tend to ignore mostly as everyone and his dog have put some cause forward for a “world day” of some kind, but I couldn’t let World Photography Day without jumping on board. Considering how many photos I must have taken in the last 8 years alone since I brought my first DSLR camera, it is so hard to pin it down to just one favourite photo. Two of my absolute photos are of my wife in hospital holding each of our daughters just after they were born, but as beautiful and significant to me as these images are, they are not something that would jump out at most people, to the passer by they’re “just another baby photo”.

So I decided to throw this image up for today…


This one I took a couple of years back for my first 365 project, and as I left for work as the sun was coming up, I noticed that the sky had gone a crazy colour, reds, oranges and yellows… it literally looked like the sky was on fire, and to add some perspective to the shot, a bird fly into scene just as I was about to shoot. I won’t pretend I didn’t edit this photo, as I edit ALL my photos, but this was a bit of minor tweaking of contrast and saturation as the camera sensor doesn’t always capture the colours very well. What you see here is pretty much what I saw when I looked up that morning.

What about you? Have you got one image that you’re especially proud of?

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Nope… I haven’t forgotten the 365 project! Day: 211 – 220

Working in a school, like any other jobs, has its pit falls and its benefits. One of the massive benefits is obviously the six weeks off work during the summer, and each and every year everyone who works in a school treasures those six weeks like its the first time they’ve ever had that long off! Its not that you get used to having six weeks of every summer and don’t appreciate it, but you definitely get used to filling the days and making plans to start/finish those things you’ve put off until you’ve finally got all this time to do it in. So far we have finished three full weeks and my to-do list is not looking much different to how it was in July when we finished the school term!

I look back and can’t even remember some of the days, and I was hoping that this 365 project would provide a little insight as to where the time went, but sadly I keep falling behind and forget what I did with the time, and why I took that particular photo for the day.

211: Kicking off with day 211, and this is one I have struggled with as I can’t seem to find any picture on any of my cameras or memory cards. Almost like I had not only totally failed to take a picture this day, but was completely oblivious to the fact! That was until I discovered this one particular image on my phone, and remembered how Chloe is starting, not only to sit up so much, but also reach out to grab things, and shows a particular fondness for chewing on the remote control.

Day 211- Aug 4th

Day 211- Aug 4th

212: I always feel lucky when I am asked to photograph the weddings of friends, and today I was photographing the very laid back and relaxed wedding of two lovely people. THey had put a lot of thought into all the little details of the day and didn’t seem to be particularly nervous or anxious about any part of the day… that was until the bride walked down the aisle and her emotions almost got the better of her. It was a beautiful moment!

Day 212 - Aug 5th

Day 212 – Aug 5th

213: Summer really does seem to have landed, and rather than just having a nice couple of days and calling it summer, we actually seem to be having a run of nice weather, August has turned out okay. We had a day without any plans today, and after spending all day yesterday at a wedding and not being able to see the girls before they went to bed, I wanted to get out and go for a walk up Clent Hills as a family. Its free, its simple, and kids just love getting outdoors and running around. A bit of sun on the skin and fresh air in the lungs, you can’t beat it!

Day 213 - Aug 6th

Day 213 – Aug 6th

214: A simple day at home with the mother and stepdad coming over for a bbq and to spend some time with the girls, who love seeing their grandparents.

Day 214 - Aug 7th

Day 214 – Aug 7th

215: At six months old we decided to try Olivia in this hanging door frame bouncer that had been donated to us from a friend, it went down really well and she loved it. So after being in the loft ever since, it was time to bring it down and dust it down so that we could now get Chloe in it too, now that she has just turned 6 months old. She doesn’t seem to have quite the same strength in her legs at the moment, but it seems to have gone down just as well.

Day 215 - Aug 8th

Day 215 – Aug 8th

216: After waiting a number of weeks, I decided to dig out the birthday present I had been given by one of my sisters, a wine making kit. I’ve never tried anything like this before, and it sounds particularly simple, but I guess without preparing it properly I could just as easily be making vinegar, as wine! Oh well, only one way to find out!

Day 216 - 9th

Day 216 – Aug 9th

217: I finally gave in to the wife’s relentless and repeated requests to take the girls to West Midlands Safari Park. I’m sure it was for her benefit more than the girls! Oh well, I hadn’t been in decades and it was a lovely way to spend a few hours, if not a bit pricey to get in. The free return ticket softened the blow, but not being allowed on any of the park rides without paying even more on top of the already inflated ticket price was a bit of an insult. Still, there were lots of animals to see, Olivia was loving it, and with the dangerous animal enclosures we got to see plenty of lions and tigers pretty close up as we drove through.

Day 217 - Aug 10th

Day 217 – Aug 10th

218: It was that time of year again, the perseids meteor shower graced our skies in the wee small hours. I went up Clent Hills quite late for a better view, and met a friend up there who’d never really witnessed it before. I got a nice star shot photo, but loved this one I’d taken of Olivia and so much that I went with that as my photo for the day.

Day 218 - Aug 11th

Day 218 – Aug 11th

219: One thing I was keen to do while I was off for six weeks was to head back over to Sheldon Country Park, as we have the advantage of a play area, the farm animals, a sausage and bacon sandwich at the cafe where I also had the pleasure of bumping into a work colleague, and then the walk up the playing fields to the end of the runway at Birmingham International Airport. We’d gone with the in-laws and Chloe and Olivia’s cousin too, and I’d worked the day out so that we would be there in time to see the magnificent Emirates Airbus A380 taking off.

Day 219 - Aug 12th

Day 219 – Aug 12th

220: How does three years fly by so fast? Back in July 2013 we met six other wonderful couples all expecting their first child, just like us, and became really good friends with them. Since then we meet up in smaller groups, or as dads for a few beers, or as moms for afternoon coffee, and at least twice a year we always try to get together as a whole group, one time is christmas where we have a meal together early December, and the other time is mid August to have joint birthday celebration for all the little ones. The first year we met at Pizza Express and I managed to get a headshot of each of the kids, the second year was a garden party and so I made the effort to get another headshot, this year the headshot was kinda compulsory for me. I am hoping to do it again next year too!

Day 220 - Aug 13th

Day 220 – Aug 13th

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Catching up on the 365 project

So here it is, part two of the delayed updates, bringing us back up to date with the photos.

204: A quiet day, Olivia in nursery and the rest of us staying at home. One thing I did manage to finish was some fancy invites for Olivia’s third birthday party, not far away now!

Day 204 - Jul 28th

Day 204 – Jul 28th

205: I should have been out taking photos today, but due to a clash of calendars with the wife, I had to scrap my plans as she was going to be out all day. So it was just me and the girls all day. It was good fun and the day went quickly without any problems, although it didn’t leave me much time to pick up the camera and get any nice shots.

Day 205 - Jul 29th

Day 205 – Jul 29th

206: A visit from our friends and their two boys, who play lovely with Olivia, and she really enjoys seeing them. Weather was good and it was time to get the BBQ out!

Day 206 - Jul 30th

Day 206 – Jul 30th

207: A nice quiet day, and a chance to sit down and watch the Hungarian Grand prix, the only bit of time I take for me during the week when it comes to the tv. Otherwise the remote control generally sits firmly in the hand of my wife.

Day 207 - Jul 31st

Day 207 – Jul 31st

208: Okay, I have a confession to make… this is my first cheat photo of the project. I totally didn’t pick my camera up or take any photos today. This photo was actually taken the following day, first thing in the morning as soon as I realised! Oops! At least I managed to get out and take Olivia swimming this day, and as a bonus the pool was virtually empty!

Fay 208 - Aug 1st

Fay 208 – Aug 1st

209: Three years ago today we had done enough renovation work on our new house to officially call it moving in day, and after hiring a van and drafting in the help of a couple of mates, we started the task of moving all our belongings from the flat to the house. We’d totally transformed the inside, and it was slow and painful and exactly the kind of project that my very pregnant wife had said that she didn’t want! It was worth it in the end though!

Day 209 - Aug 2nd

Day 209 – Aug 2nd

210: Six months ago today and this little lady made her grand entrance into the big wide world. I can’t believe that six months has gone so fast, and what makes it even worse is that in just another four weeks time, her big sister turns three years old!! Where is all the time going? She’s changing every day and learning to do new things all the time, it is so lovely to watch. The wife had taken Olivia out to the cinema to watch the new Finding Dory film, and so I grabbed my lights and set up a mini studio in the living room!

Day 210 - Aug 3rd

Day 210 – Aug 3rd